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The Accounting Department at TDS manages the finances of the firm, including managing financial and trust accounts, overseeing and processing the billing cycle with clients, tracking and reporting financial information to various stakeholders, and complying with law society and financial accounting codes and practices. Team members of the accounting department enjoy working on varied projects and evolve along with the system upgrades TDS has been putting in place to help the organization run more efficiently.


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The Administration Department takes care of day-to-day operations at TDS. Team members in Administration enable work processes to operate seamlessly and keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently. 

More specifically, staff in the Administration Department may handle:

  • Administration of benefit and health care programs
  • Maintenance of firm policies, mailroom and delivery services
  • Meeting rooms and reception area services
  • Building and premises maintenance and update
  • Administrative tasks and general support for management and management committees

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides overall policy direction on human resource management issues and administrative support functions related to the management of employees. This department also oversees and manages the Support Services department (which is comprised of legal assistants, paralegals and Team Leads).

Human Resources oversees all aspects of: 

  • employee relations
  • talent acquisition and retention
  • organizational development
  • disciplinary matters: i.e., disputes and investigations
  • performance and talent management
  • productivity and morale management
  • compensation and payroll administration
  • internal communications, and
  • maintaining assistant to lawyer assignments 
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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department at TDS is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software and networking of computers at the Firm. 

Clients expect law firms to be technologically advanced, and at TDS this mandate starts at the top where TDS partner and CTO Barry MacTavish spends his free time tearing apart his computer, testing programs and reading the latest technology research.  Together with his experienced team, the department has been instrumental in helping the firm through many crucial IT transition periods – most recently ramping up remote work options for the firm prior to the COVID epidemic. Read more about this in the Winter 2022 edition of Toggle Magazine.

Marketing and Business Development

TDS was the first law firm in Manitoba to create a Marketing and Business Development department, now almost 15 years old.  

Marketing & Business Development assists lawyers and many departments at the firm with a wide range of activities, including:

  • Business development and referral source development
  • Profile building activities including media relations
  • Marketing plans and collateral material
  • Event planning
  • Advertising, social media and branding support
  • Promotional materials

The TDS Marketing & Business Development Department spearheaded the formation of the new Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Prairie Region Group.

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